Our story  

begins here :



"Professor Marlon"

2nd degree black belt under Prof. Andre Galvao in Brazilian Jiujitsu / 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo / IBJJF referee / 2019 no-gi black belt world champion / 6x pan ams

champion / 3x American nationals champion / owner of Atos Charlotte / active competitor / father of 3 / dog dad of 2 / huge Bruce Lee fan



"Master Alyssa"

4th degree black belt in Taekwondo / Blue belt in Brazilian jiujitsu / NC state champion in TKD olympic sparring / IBJJF Charlotte Open champion / Founder of The Kind Ninja / Founder of Park Dojo / 15 years teaching experience / Child motivator / active competitor / mother of 2 / dog mom of 1 



"Sir Maeda"

Great Pyrenees / 1 year old / Not a black belt in Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Karate of Kung Fu. But would fight a bear or wolf to protect you / The Kind Ninja mascot / Dog brother to 2 / huge fan of Chuck Norris / loves bacon treats and food you drop on the kitchen floor


How we came to be :

Both Master Alyssa and Professor Marlon have been teaching martial arts in the Charlotte, NC community for a combined 25+ years. Martial arts is the perfect catalyst for character growth such as respect, focus, self-control, discipline, patience, kindness, leadership, goal setting, grit and more. Along with all of those great things, martial arts teaches necessary self-defense and anti-bullying skills!

After the development of COVID19 in early 2020, many of our students were forced out of training when the gyms in NC closed. Not only in our state, but young martial artists all over the country have had to stop training to stay safe and healthy.

Our students greatly enjoyed continuing their training on Zoom. Students were able to follow the instructor and be motivated just like they were on the mat! After great results with our current students, we decided to open up the Zoom classes to the entire USA! We are hoping the martial arts training will be accessible to everyone no matter where you live, your financial situation or if you don't have any experience!

We want our classes to be affordable, fun, motivating and empowering.


How does this work :

1) Students create a membership on our website by clicking the "members" tab

2) Sign-Up for your desired class(es). Most students attend two classes per week, but students who attend 3-5 classes per week progress faster than the average student.

3) You will receive your Zoom Code prior to your class! Be sure to log-on 5 minutes before your class start time. Students are asked to have an open space at least the size of a rug to exercise

4) Attendance will be taken at every class. After 16 classes, students will get to test to earn a new belt! Students will be emailed a promotion certificate and then can order their belt on our martial arts supplier site.

5) Along with attendance, students will need to send a video of the belt requirements in order to promote. Skills include striking, blocks, footwork, exercises, chores, random acts of kindness and more.

6) Keep going! Students will have the chance to achieve a black belt in The Kind Ninja program. *This belt is not a jiujitsu or official taekwondo rank. It is a certified rank through The Kind Ninja program which teaches Brazilian jiujitsu, taekwondo and boxing skills. After a student graduates to black belt in our program, we recommend they continue their training at a Brazilian jiujitsu academy.


Our mission :

Build Confidence through achievement

Build a stronger body through fitness

Build a positive mind through growth mindset

Build a kinder heart through doing more good deeds

Build a stronger martial artist through training

© 2023 by The Kind Ninja, LLC

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